Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Floor Scales

The Different Types of Floor Scales

Floor scales are needed in every industry; they are an important feature in many businesses when it comes to checking weights whether it's a big or small company. For instance, shops, warehouses, healthcare facilities, moving companies or courier offices are some of the business that all use floor scales daily as an integral function. Floor scales are used to weigh bulky items as well as weighing people in the healthcare sector. Scales can be fitted in various ways: pole, free standing, or wall are some options that can fit the needs of your business. Floor scales enable the user to come up with correct information by providing accurate and exact measurement. At the All Scale shop we have plenty of floor scales to suit your needs.

Each type of floor scale has its specific use and place.  They come in small and large sizes, the smaller ones are commonly used at homes for keeping track of how much people weigh. However, larger scales are used exclusively for businesses and there are even larger ones that are primarily seen in industrial settings. With the invention of digital scales, they have revolutionized the process of weighing in business across the global because they are used to weigh items of all weight, size and shapes.

Here is a list of floor scales and how they are optimized in their settings.
Floor Scales at the All Scale Shop

For healthcare, there are different types of floor scales that are suitable for this industry. Commonly used is the classic dial type which often comes in different sizes and colors; it is used mostly to weigh patients or person. The classic dial is lightweight floor scale. Another type of scale is the flat digital scales. These digital scales are heavier that the classic dial and run on batteries, despite this they remain portable. Not only does it run on batteries, it has the option to run through the main power supply and the digital display can be mounted on the wall, which allows the scales to remain portable.

In many warehouses, you will find in use a low profile floor scale. These are often digital scales that have one stainless bench with their indicator pod mounted on the wall, making the process of weighing in the warehouses simple. The net weight can be displayed in pounds or kilograms and will remain on for a few minutes after the item is removed to write down the correct weight. One of the impressive functions of this type of floor scales is the ability to switch off itself after long periods of inactivity in order to prolong its battery life.

Parcel weighing floor scales are freestanding scales found in most courier companies. It has a greater capacity compared to classic dial or bench scales. It’s also an energy saving scale because it automatically turns off when they are inactive. This function makes it unique and economical as it will help you save on your electricity bill. From small to bulky items weighing is easy and preformed accurately. 

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Acculab Scales

When it comes to weighing balances, you can’t have it better than Acculab. Acculab produces inexpensive weighing scales that are fit for elementary classrooms and digital laboratories depending on the use. These scale products have been made with precision and great care which is why they are resistant to excessive force whether they are turned ON or OFF. Such forces are the primary cause of damage to scales. At All Scale Shop we have plenty of Acculab scales online. Here are samples of Acculab Scale products:

Acculab Lockdown Cable and Padlock
This helps to secure the scale to prevent it from theft or falls when not in use. It is fit for environments where there aren't constant watchful eyes like the science lab. It works with the Acculab VIC ON series including; Acculab VIC123 milligram scale, Acculab VIC 4mg milligram scale and many more.
Acculab Scales

Acculab EC-411 Electronic Scale
This is popular with middle schools ranging from grades 5-8. It is fit for basic experiments that do not require weighing and balancing. It is easy to use and also easy to store away. Moreover, it is made in such a way as to prevent damage even if not used for a long time through transportation-locking device. Its functions include, quality control, weighing and formulating and its readings are usually within 2-3 decimal places.

Acculab ECL30EDP-LO-US
This is economically priced and it is a stainless steel pan. Its weighing base is rated in such a way as to prevent against strong surges of water from any directions. The steel indicator is made of plastic, houses 6 digit LCD and 7 segment of amber backlight. As an Exceleron Digital Scale, it weighs in kilograms, pounds, ounces, grams and troy ounces, functions as a weight checker and unit toggle.

Acculab ECL15EDP-LO-US
This also features a stainless steel weighing pan. Its weighing capacity can reach a reading of 33 pounds. It is a low cost digital electronic platform. Its scale indicator is made of plastic with 6 digits LCD character while it contains 7 segments with amber backlights.

Acculab VIC-10kg Bevinco Scale
This works with AC Adapter or 9V battery and offers an incredible but fabulously priced pan. It can calculate density with its weigh below underhook feature. Its protective cover is not only detachable but protects the scale from damage. There is an optional USB interface and better back light to help operation in poor lighting. The goal of this product is to boost performance and it does so exceedingly well.

Acculab VIC123 Platform Scale
This is a low profile scale that is constructed with the combination of black metal base and stainless steel weighing pan. It is perfect for industrial use and broad applications. It works on AC adapter or battery and is highly versatile. In addition to these, it is user friendly and exists in diverse capacities.

Acculab Pocket Scale PP401
This is a digital mini scale made of ABS battery. It weighs in grams and ounces and runs on a single AA battery. It is a technical display with its calibration mass, detachable weighing tray and low price.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Adam Scales

All Scale Shop: Using Adam Scales in Food Service

All Scale Shop provides a wide selection of Adams scales and accessories for over 40 years. Adam Equipment is known for their premium scales and balances since 1972. These scales are used by a wide range of businesses and industries, from education to medical & veterinary uses to retail and much more. Food service industries can also benefit from Adam Scale products in a many ways.

Retail food and beverages environments
Adam’s price computing scales are ideal for use in retail food service environments, such as delis or bakeries, letting both the user and the customer see the digital readout on the scale. When you need a portable, small, battery operated scale, Adams scales are a good choice many professional use. For an efficient user experience, select a scale with PLU memory, with products that are easy to recall using a simple keypad.

Food processing & production
Stainless steel food grade scales are both durable and washable, and useful for quality control in preparing batches and recipes. Adam scales are rugged and can stand up to frequent wash downs which is ideal for any clean room or industrial environment. When it’s time to package food products, Adam scales can also be used to fill containers with weight requirements. Adam scales has many features like check weighing limits to help prevent user error, which can save time, money, and productivity.

Food labs
Proper measurement is key in recipe development, and it’s crucial to have an approved, high quality scale. The Adam top load balance HandiCal has an internal calibration for fact and accurate reading. These Adam scales have moisture analyzer is also a great addition when developing new recipes or checking for quality control.

Restaurants & Franchises
By using Adams scales for restaurants and franchises, they can help maintain portion control and ensure that products are consistent at all times. Special features, like a red warning light when too much weight is placed on the scale, make them easy to use and ensure that portions are never exceeded.

With so many high quality scales and other products available, All Scale Shop provides Adam scaleequipment and accessories to outfit any aspect of your food service business, helping you ensure high quality products as well as a satisfactory customer experience.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Retail Computing Scales

Are you looking for retail computing scales? Whether it is for backroom pre-pack areas, fresh food manufacturers, farmers markets or supermarkets, All Scale Shop offers a wide range of retail computing scales. You should first consider the type of application that the scale will be used. All retail scale are not suitable for direct selling to the customers. To you help, we have a list of retail scales and things to consider before buying one.

Types of Retail Scales

Label Printing

Label printing provides you with the benefits of a scale, keypad, and printer. It allows you to save time and space.

Price Computing

The computing scales display weight in pounds, kilograms or ounces. Many of the computing scales feature rechargeable battery power.

Point of Sale

The point of sale scales are great for linking to electronic cash registers as they are considered multi-purpose scales. They are not only used for checkout areas and self-service aisles, but also for manual batching applications that require controlling the weights of ingredients and shipping.

Things to Consider Before Buying Retail Computing Scales

Capacity and Accuracy

You have to consider several factors, such as:
  • How accurate do you want the weighted item to be for price determination. 
  • What are the heaviest and lightest items will you be weighing? 
  • For better accuracy, you can get separate scales for lighter and heavier items.

Printing Labels

If you want a label to be placed when weighing and packing an item then you should get the label printing scale. The labels can be formatted to include all relevant information and design to suit each particular situation.

Direct Counter Scales

If you are weighing items in front of the customers at the time of purchase, then you need to have a rear display on your scale. This will allow both you and the customer to see the weight of that item. Computing scales assist you in weighing the goods, entering the price and calculate the sale amount. They can also be connected with the cash counter in order to provide a complete transaction record.

The Environment of the Scale

It is imperative to keep the scale away from the heat, dust, and harsh conditions. You should make a list of factors that might affect the scale and ensure that you buy the scale that is well suited for the task.

Portable Scale

Sometimes, the computing scales has to be transported on daily basis. You should make sure it comes with a carrying case and is easy to set-up. You should also keep in mind the power supply it might need as well.

Other Equipment
In case you need to connect your scale to other equipment such as a computer, cash counter or printer. You will need to know how to set it up and how to use it. 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Digital Weighing Scales

Are you looking for digital weighing scales? Since 1979, All Scale Shop has been providing a wide variety of industries with a vast selection of brand name digital scales and products. Our extensive inventory and experienced scales technical support make it easy for you to find the proper scale for your business. 

There are quite a number of digital scales with various applications and it is essential to determine what purpose the scale will serve or which items will be weighed using it. Scales are thus selected depending on a number of factors.

How Scales Vary
Generally, you will find two types of digital weighing scales. Because scales weigh in divisions, you will get scales that weigh up to 3000 divisions and thus a 3000 gram scale will go upwards in increments of 1 gram and a 6000 scale would go up in increments of 2 grams. Although this is generally the case, it is not always the standard and laid down procedure. 

Household Digital Scales 
Some digital scales are designed to be used in the home for purposes of weighing baby food and also used in the kitchen for purposes of nutritional measurements. These scales are ideal for people who go to the gym. Anyone who is conscious about their daily intake of nutritious foods and is watching their weight will want to have such a scale in their home. 

Laboratory Digital Scales 
These are scales that are generally used in the field of science or medicine and are ideal for the measurement of very small items such as powders. Laboratory digital scales are also used to weigh sick animals in veterinary facilities or even in the home to weigh pets. Such scales have special designs that allow them to weigh small particles or pets. 

Other Types of Digital Scales

  • Digital crane scales 
    • Hanging scales that contain lifts to help them carry heavy objects.
  • Other digital scales that are designed for the purpose of weighing vehicles and trucks and can also be used to weigh tankers and rigs. 
  • If you want to weigh metal, you need to get digital metal scales that are used for the purpose of weighing things such as gold, silver and precious stones. 
  • There are also postal scales and counting scales all digital and used for mails and parcels or for counting currencies respectively. 

Regardless of the type of digital scales you are looking for, All Scale Shop has a vast inventory that will make finding the scale you need a much easier process.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Why All Scale Shop?

Are you looking for a trusted scale vendor? For over 40 years, All Scale Shop has been providing a variety of brand name scales to many industries. From scales to balances to scale accessories, our products are durable, easy to operate, and include hi-tech features.

We have a large inventory in our 27,000 square foot facility which is kept well stocked with weighing and balancing equipment, scale accessories and scale parts. Our shipping services are reliable and prompt, often going out the same day the order is placed. We ship out scales, scale parts and scale accessories to the United States, Canada, Latin America, and more.

If you are looking for scale products for your farm, medical facility, food prep, or shipping and transportation company, All Scale Shop has what you need. If you are unsure of the right one for your business, call one of our scale experts and they will provide you with the information you need.

Our company offers scales for many needs, including weighing feed for livestock, determining proper tonnage for your loading truck, weighing your newborn and many more. We will provide your company with the right scale for a price that you can afford.

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