Monday, April 24, 2017

Postal Scales

Postal scales are used to increase mailing efficiency by reducing the chances of overpaying on outgoing mail. It saves your business a lot by a great extent. Postal scales can be digital or manual. You can go for either based on your needs. If your company has to ship heavy packages regularly, it is recommended that you get a digital scale. It will save you both time and money. However if you just intend to buy one to avoid going to the post office, a manual scale will be enough for you. Today at All Scale Shop, we'd like to discuss our postal scales.

Manual Postage Scales
Manual postage scales, also sometimes referred to as analog postage scales, use a balance or a spring to weigh envelopes. Manual postage scales simply give the weight of your item. To determine the postage rate, it's necessary to reference a table of current postage prices. Manual postage scales can be accurate, but require users to read the weight from a mechanical needle, which increases the likelihood of human error. Over time, the inner workings or overall structure of manual postage scales can become damaged and render the scale inaccurate. There are small handheld varieties of manual postage scales available which are especially prone to breaking or bending. The larger models that look similar to a triple-beam balance are much sturdier. Manual postage scales typically cost substantially less than electronic postage scales.

Digital Postage Scales
Postal Scale
Digital postage scales or electronic postage scales, use a pressure-sensing microprocessor to provide a clear, unambiguous digital readout. Many digital postage scales are programmed with rate information, so they can display the exact price of postage, but they must be adjusted each time the postal rates change. Digital postage scales typically cost more than manual postage scales. Electronic models that can compare prices for multiple carriers, handle heavier weights, and can download rate updates typically cost more than simpler models with fewer

Both these scales have their advantages and disadvantages

Digital scales are more complex, expensive and have more features as compared to a manual scale. Digital scales are mostly recommended for professional use where you have a hand at the instrument. Otherwise, you can go for a manual scale, it is easy to understand and inexpensive. 

The best of both digital and manual
Postage Meters With Built-in Digital Postage Scales - If you cannot choose between digital and manual, there are all-in-one units available that bundle a scale and a meter together for greater functionality. These postage scales can quickly weigh a package or envelope, assign a postage grade and rate, and print out the results. Depending on the model, it can be possible to print the postage directly onto the mailing envelope, or onto a piece of adhesive paper for a quick stick to any package. These units are handy for buyers that don't already have a postage meter but are looking to print their own postage. For a larger business that requires a top-of-the-line mail system, manufacturers offer a wide variety of mail management systems that house complex internal computers. For situations that only require the ability to weigh packages, it would not be advisable to spend the extra dollars on the bundle if its full capacity would not be put to use.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are an important part of industrial processes and business transactions that deal with precise weights and measures. These scales are available in many different sizes and designs depending on the required function. Many industries including shipping, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and transportation make daily use of weighing scales. With their large range of measurements, virtually anything can be weighed precisely.

Weighing scales come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and capacities. Some well-known weighing scales include  floor scales, bench scalespocket scales,  jewelry scales, and lab scales. The floor scales are one of the most recognized weighing scales. Many are made for weight-conscious individuals for use at home. Veterinarians use animal scales to determine the weight ofpets. A shipping scale is a very exact weighing scale that is standardized to recording load according to government-certified measurement standards. Standard levels might not be regulated in such a manner. Airlines, transportation and shipping companies often employ shipping scales which use superior digital technology. 

Another type of weighing scale is the digital scale and just as the name implies, this scale evaluates an object's weight and traces it in digital format. Digital weighing scales can trace weights to a fraction of a percentage of a measuring unit, which many analog scales are incapable of doing. Another familiar type of scale is the bench scale which is used for both commercial and residential purposes. You can see these instruments in post offices where they used to weigh your postage. They come comes in different series and weight capacities and are often made of aluminum or steel.

There are various weighing scales for numerous purposes . The question is where do you get effective and worth-while scales? 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Bench Scales

Bench Scales are among the most precise and accurate scales available for both powders and liquids. For that reason, they come in several different styles and measure to several different orders of magnitude of accuracy. There are numerous industries that benefit from bench scales, including the food preparation and laboratory sciences.

Bench Scales for Professional Kitchens

Recipes are both an art and a science. But if the science fails, the art is does too. Many recipes depend upon microscopically small ingredients that must be measured to the gram or milligram or ad smaller. For example, too much of a special spice burns the tongue. Too little results in blandness. The tiniest and most precise of measurements can mean the difference between a meal that’s unforgettable and one that’s better forgotten.        

Bench Scales for Laboratory Science

Whenever you are creating a new formula being able to measure it down to the smallest possible measure matters. When a formula is tested, you want to be able to test it at a smaller scale initially so that you don’t waste rare ingredients. If the formula is successful, you need to be able to repeat it, so a precise measurement is an absolute must. Without these accurate and precise measures, your work can’t be trusted. With a quality bench scale, you can get the results you need again and again.

Whether in the kitchen, the lab, the post office or elsewhere, the difference greatness and disaster isn’t on a knife’s edge, but on a bench scale’s balance.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Over Under Scales

Get the right results every time with our wide variety of industrial weighing systems

Are you looking for a company that supplies top of the line weighing system? Do you need durable, inexpensive and efficient weighing systems and equipment? Are you looking for a retailer that you can trusts for excellent service delivery? Do you need over under scales? Look no further, you are in the right place. At All Scale Shop we have plenty of scales and balances including over under scales.

Here, you are treated to a wide variety of industrial grade weighing systems that are sure to give you quick and accurate results. Our products are tested and trusted to work efficiently even under tough industrial conditions.

Why you should choose to purchase from us at All Scale Shop
Over Under Scales
  • Reliability: Our weighting systems are reliable machines that can be trusted to give accurate results even in tough industrial conditions.
  • Good service delivery: We are committed to excellent service delivery. To achieve this, we will be in close contact with you to understand your needs and recommend the appropriate weighting systems.
  • Ease of use: Our weighing scales and equipment are easy to use. With the user manual and the user-friendly interface ad controls, you will not have any problem using our products.
  • Affordability: We offer a wide range of products with varying prices designed to meet your specific needs without breaking the bank.
We offer a wide variety of weighing systems, scales and equipment including bench scales, check weighers, counting scales, forklift truck scales, load cells / weigh bar, mobile dimensioning, platform / floor scales, post, mail & shipping scales, rail scales, software solutions, truck scales and weight indicators.

We know how much you value accuracy, reliability and efficiency; that is why we are in business. We have an extensive service delivery network that reaches all states of the country.

So simply place an order for any of our products or contact us today to discuss your needs.

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